Super frustrated. FML.


I wonder if they’re gonna do Laverne Cox how they do other black actors. Like she’ll be the only black trans woman actor just like how Idris Elba is pretty much the only black male actor and then the whites scream that they have enough representation.

Idris isn’t hardly as popular as Denzel, but I get you, and yes. Yes they will. I mean…look how long it took for someone like Ru Paul to not be the only female impersonator publicly accepted







you’re lying if you’ve never seen this hairstyle tbh 

my soul hurts for her

love yourself


im fuckkign going to throw up

I’m so confused, is the top in a bowl cut? ? ? ? why?? ? ?

the leave out struggle

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You shouldn’t be wearing Andrew Christian underwear if you are over the age of 26 and not in the adult entertainment industry. Please graduate to Calvin Klein or Diesel.

Sexual Orientation: jingle

White dudes look wack AF from age 28-42 and then turn into #ZADDY like a fucking phoenix

…this is enough to make me think about contemplating adding this show to my DVR queue…maybe.

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…when the whole squad turnt in the club and nobody can tell y’all shit

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